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Handy software for fill out paper forms

You must know what a "pleasure" is to fill out a form. And more over, if you fill in any field incorrectly, find it out late, and you must start filling it out again. And even if you are lacking time ...

The FORMIK program helps you to get rid of all such "pleasures" easily.

However, the FORMIK offers more than filling out a post-office order! With its help you can fill out, mark, write and draw over quite everything, which can be inserted into your printer. I.e. including all:

  • Forms, printed forms, questionnaires - from those simplest up to those most bureaucratic ...
  • Envelopes, post cards, post-office printed forms ...
  • Accounting forms and reports, tax and proprietary returns ...
  • Salary receipts and documents, statements for funds and insurance companies ...
  • Business trip statements ...
  • Customs printed forms and documents ...
  • Policies of insurance ...
  • School forms, testimonials ...
  • And many, many others ...

The list is quite extensive and there is still a place for your special printed forms and also for the printed forms, which will only be created. You see, FORMIK also provides an option for simple definition of any new form. The only think you need to do so is its picture and a little time.
So FORMIK will not get old !

But FORMIK is not limited only to simple printout of what you have filled out. It will also help you with the following, so that you will not have to:

  • Write "hundred times" the same on post-office forms and other printed forms and documents. You will write it only once and FORMIK will enter it everywhere it is needed!
  • Waste your time by writing amounts in words. You will only enter the number and FORMIK will write in words for you!
  • Overwrite illegible data. FORMIK will fill in everything "calligraphically"!
  • Stamp thousands of less important documents and offering lists. FORMIK will also print your stamp!
  • Write thousands of addresses from your address book on envelopes manually. FORMIK will do that for you using data import. The only thing required is to put blank envelops into the printer hopper, start printing and have a cup of coffee:-)))
  • Remember a quantity of items you need when filling out something. FORMIK will remember them and fill them out for you in future.


The FORMIK offers:

When filling out a form :

  • Formatting functions for numerical and monetary data
  • Automatic entry of date and time in a selected format
  • Load a text from alphabetically sorted user texts including an option of its editing
  • Bulk loading of specified texts (e.g. personal data, company data, etc.) from alphabetically sorted group data
  • Bulk printout of forms with automatic data loading from a text file (obtained e.g. by data export from your accounting program, Excel and Access programs, etc.) or form group data
  • Print a background picture of the form optionally (This function is only supplementary with respect to poor quality of printout of form figures scanned with resolution less than 300 DPI)
  • Export the form into a graphic file (*.jpg, *.bmp)
  • Store filled out forms into files for their reuse
  • Cross out fields

When defining a form :

  • Simply delete or create a field and specify its position
  • Fine adjustment of a field position and size using arrow keys
  • Selection of font, size, style, and colour for every field
  • Selection of a transparent background, colour of the background or background picture for every field
  • Selection of text alignment to the right or to the left, centring or dividing the text equally into a specified number of parts of a field
  • Selection of a step change within the range 0.5 - 5 mm when specifying a position and a size of a field
  • Indication of coordinates and dimensions of a selected field
  • Display of auxiliary lines of a current field
  • Changes in the order of fields
  • Link the fields for single text entry



FORMIK can be run from a command line using two parameters - a name of a form and a name of a file containing the data to be read into the form. Thanks to this option, you can send data from your own application to FORMIK to be printed out...however, it must be considered that it will be displayed on a screen in 2-4 the size and time and memory requirements of a printing process will also be increased correspondingly.


If you want to save your time and "nerves",
FORMIK is a solution for you.
You can make use of it literally everywhere.


Copyright (C) Rastislav KORYTAR, 2002-2006
Date of last edit : 2006-01-20