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How to Use It :

- When filling out a form:
It is very simple to use: you will enter the data, which is otherwise filled out manually, into the program, load a blank form into a printer and start printout. Many formatting functions, user texts and group data defined by you will make the data entry faster for you.

- When defining a new form:
When creating a new form, you will specify a background picture (a scanned form) and define its orientation how to load it into a printer. Required fields can be added to the form in an edit mode (see the below mentioned). More over, an actual width of a scanned part of the form must be entered for proper recalculation of dimensions.

Left and upper edge adjustment can be used if :

  • The left upper corner of the form is shifted with respect to the left upper corner of a largest size paper (A4 or another – according to a printer type) in a feed paper hopper of your printer. This happens if the form is less than A4 in size and thus it is shifted in the hopper.

  • The entire form is not scanned but only its section

  • You have a new series of forms available, which are partially shifted compared to previous forms due to faulty printout

- When editing a form:
After switching to an edit mode, you can add and delete fields or change their position and parameters.


The most frequently asked questions and answers to them :

A printed form image is of poor quality even if the data itself is perfect !  Why ?

Primarily, the FORMIK in its design is intended to fill out forms, i.e. entered data is printed into a blank form. The form image, you can see on the screen, is used first of all to evoke the feeling of filling out a real form and help in primary defining and positioning the fields.

Starting from the version 2.10, the FORMIK used the display in the scale 1:1 and thus the resolution 75-150 DPI was selected. This is sufficient when displaying on the screen but absolutely insufficient for quality printout.

But starting from the version 2.11, the size of a background image can be set on the screen in the FORMIK so you can also use images with a higher resolution (at least 300 DPI for quality printout), thus solving the problem.


The printed text is shifted with respect to every field. Why?
This problems occurs if:
  • The form is loaded into a printer incorrectly
  • Your printer is not calibrated (see the Menu-Form-Program Set-up-Printer Calibration)
  • The form edge values are set incorrectly (see the Menu-Edit-Form Set-up).
  • You are using another version of the form which is partially shifted compared to the previous one

When printing a new form, it is recommended to print it out on a blank A4 sheet and based on comparison with an actual form, determine deviations and use them for corrections of the values of the left and upper edges in the ”Form Set-up” window.


The text is printed out correctly at the beginning of the form but it is more and more shifted in the fields in the right and lower parts of the form. How to set proper printout?
Based on the description of the problem, it can be seen that the left and upper edges of the form are set correctly. However, the ”width of the form” is set incorrectly. This dimension is very important for correct recalculation of actual field coordinates and sizes in mm. So, it is necessary for you to enter a real width of the background picture of the form. If the background picture represents only a section of the form (e.g. only a certain table), it is necessary to enter a real width of this section (e.g. if you trim 10 mm blank margins of an A4 size form - 210 mm wide, the real width of this section is 190 mm).


The width of the printed form is correct but the height is not identical with that of the actual form !  Why ?
This problem results if there are differences in horizontal and vertical resolution of the printed output. Obviously, you have forgotten to calibrate the printer !


The printed text is ”scattered” – it is printed correctly in some of the fields and incorrectly in the others. Why?
Check if you are using the same form as that scanned in the background picture. It sometimes happens that individual versions of the form differ from each other depending on the supplier or printout date. Most often, these differences appear e.g. for post-office orders.


When scanning a both-sided form, which is on a thin paper, the other side shows through very much. Can this problem be eliminated somehow?
Place a piece of black paper on the form in the scanner and scan together with it. This way, its margins will also ”become visible”.


When creating a new form, I am creating different kinds of fields with different text format (amounts, dividing into windows, crossed out fields) and I have to define all parameters for each of them. Can this activity be simplified?
The program remembers automatically parameters of the last current (identified) field. So, when creating a new field, first click on a similar already existing field (its parameters are saved) and only then create a new field, which will have the same parameters automatically.


When opening a form, the ”A background picture cannot be opened” message appeared. What is the problem?
The program displays this message if the selected background picture cannot be found in:
  • Your current directory when defining a form
  • Backgrounds directory located in the installation directory of the program
  • The directory in which the definition file of the form *.frk can be found


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